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The project

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One of the greatest challenges of the 21st century is the rapidly growing urban populations and the consequent increasing demand of food. Providing the inhabitants of European cities with affordable, safe, and nutritious food is both urgent and complex. Moreover, the health and wellbeing of EU citizens and consumers are directly affected by the way cities and agriculture landscapes are shaping a sustainable food environment.

“From Seed to Spoon” is an educational project on the food supply chain developed for high school students whose aim is the implementation of ecosystem services and sustainable agriculture in cities and peri-urban natural areas in different European Countries.

Our project will encourage teenagers to be aware of how complex the food system is, improving mindful eating and healthy eating habits according to the EAT-Lancet Commission which gives guidelines for healthy and sustainable diets. In addition, the project will give also the opportunity to students to get in touch with nature, to learn how to respect it and how to adapt to the biological cycles. The project will also increase the awareness that nature is not just decoration. Rather, it also provides “living” infrastructures required for an adequate physical, psychological and social

The Consortium


Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore (Italy)

Project Coordinator

Founded in Milan in 1921 by Father Agostino Gemelli, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore (UCSC) is Europe's largest private Catholic university. UCSC is the only university in Italy with 4 campuses all over the country: in Milan, Piacenza -Cremona, Brescia and Rome, with 12 Faculties, 47 Undergraduate programmes, 31 Graduate programmes. Academic excellence, a commitment to charting the frontiers of research, and high standards of services are the strengths of an institution long recognised for its openness to innovation and change.

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Comune di Parma (Italy)

A city of 195,000 inhabitants, Parma is the gastronomic centre of the “Italian Food Valley”. With 30.5% of the labour force working in the agri-food and gastronomic industry, the sector has forged the city’s history and remains the driving force of the local economy. The city is classified by the Qualivita Foundation as the first Italian city for Agri-food Qualitative Supremacy, and was appointed a seat on the European Food Safety Authority.

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I.S.I.S.S. 'Magnaghi-Solari' is a secondary school in the field of Catering, Tourism and Agriculture, providing full time vocational and technical education. This type of vocational organism combines agricultural production and food manufacturing and services and represents a strong link to our territory traditionally vocated to farming, culture and good food. We are active members of tourism school Associations RERIA at regional level, RENAIA at national level and AEHT, the European Hotel Schools Association.

Liceul Tehnologic Nicolae Balcescu (Romania)

"Nicolae Balcescu" Technological high school from Alexandria, was founded in 1903 and since then it has preserved its tradition in specialising students to be technicians in agriculture, veterinary technicians, technicians in the field of food industry, food analysis technicians, maintenance and car repairing mechanics, ecologists, environmental quality technicians and technicians in economic activities. 


OpenTEA srl (Italy)

OpenTEA is a start-up company providing scientific communication and dissemination services in the agri-food and environmental sector. The business idea has arisen by a group of young researchers of the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore based on a former academic research on these topics and after winning the first prize of a start-up idea competition. In particular, OpenTEA is specialised in the organisation and moderation of scientific events (including webinars), production of informational and promotional materials (especially audio-video format), development of interactive e-learning tools.


Parks and Biodiversity Management Authority - Western Emilia (“Ente Parchi Emilia Occidentale”) is a public authority dealing with nature conservation, promoting sustainable agriculture and environmental education, and enhancing typical and quality products. It manages a wide natural area in the Emilia Romagna region (more than 62.000 ha), which includes five regional Parks, and the four Reserves in a territory of twenty-two municipalities. 


The Educational Organisation ‘Maria M. Andreadaki & SIA E.E.’ is based in Heraklion, Crete and has a long 22-year experience in private education, offering high quality education and training in diverse vocational sectors and investing equally in theoretical and practical knowledge. “I.E.K. MORFI” offers initial training in the fields of Social Services, Industry of Chemistry, Tourism, Financial Management and Aesthetics through curriculums which last 4 semesters.

Dinglegymnasiet AB is a newly started upper secondary school in the green sector. The school has specialization in horticulture, landscaping, pets, horses, dogs and agriculture and is a boarding school. The school is working on an application for a polytechnic education in urban farming. The staff in the school is composed of 18 employees and 2-3 people working voluntary.

Associated partners

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Parma Sostenibile is an association born in 2017. Its objectives are various in the field of environmental sustainability, social inclusion, and promotion of economic models and life styles at low environmental impact. The main project the association is working on is MercaTiAmo, a market where to buy safe, controlled and local products. The association is also involved in the organisation of events about sustainable development and is active with educational programmes in schools.


Agrosvoltare Hub (Italy) 

Agrosvoltare Hub is a social agriculture project conceived by coop. Social Svoltare to support the inclusion of the fragile and the disadvantaged people in the province of Parma, we cultivate by recovering rural traditions, following the cycles of nature and
restoring social dignity through training courses in agriculture. In the context of integral ecology we collect fruits and vegetables, preparing preserves and honey. Genuine and sustainable products intended for direct sales and for the free supply of charitable associations and social canteens, to promote the local agricultural culture and share solidarity models of production and consumption with the territory.


Fruttorti di Parma (Italy)

Cerzoo Centro Di Ricerche Per La Zootecnia E L' Ambiente S.C.R.L. (Italy)

Fruttorti di Parma is an informal group of citizens –founded in 2012- with the aim to promote urban agroecology, nature in the city and critical consumption. Among the projects developed is the “Picasso Food Forest” in Parma, a public area with hundreds of fruit trees and shrubs, open to all citizens. 

Nuntorpsgymnasiet (Sweden)

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