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Ancora 1

Expected results 

  • to support adolescents in fostering their cultural development on societal key issues, such as the increasing demand of affordable, safe, and nutritious food. 

  • to foster the socio-educational and personal development of youth, promoting their participation in civic and social life and helping them to tackle profound problems such as discrimination, segregation, disparity, and fake news.


Moreover, the project foresees the development of the following concrete and tangible outputs:


Interactive e-learning course for high school students

A free of charge e-learning course will be built to enhance learning experiences of students adressing topics promoted within the project. The course will be highly interactive including: learning modules delivered via webinars, propaedeutic and follow up learning materials (e.g. videos, text, links), quiz and a moderated forum for knowledge exchange (among students, professors and tutors) and networking.


Recipe book "A healthy menu from a sustainable food system"

The recipe book will contain instructions for dishes entirely made of products harvested - throughout the whole project - from edible gardens/food forest, i.e. menu from a sustainable food system. In the recipe book, a short scientific and ecological framework of each plant ingredient (the species, where does it come from, which is its ecological role and ecological niche, etc.) will be added in order to highlight the link between "seed" and "spoon", that is the key message of our project.


Audio-video materials for dissemination purposes in the students’ home countries

Students will be actively involved in the development of audio-video materials meant to disseminate the initiative in the participating countries through social networks and media and on the web. Materials will be focused on the main learning outcomes of the project which will be adapted by students in a suitable format to the specificities of the participating countries (e.g. using local languages and tailored to specific audiences).


Naturalist's notebook "The Cabaret of Nature"

This notebook in digital format will be a guide to animal and plant species monitored in the food forests/edible gardens being studied during the project in the different European Countries (i.e., Italy, Greece, Romania, Sweden). The notebook will include naturalistic paintings and it will be developed by experts/specialists with also the help of students who will contribute to data collection.

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