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The project

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One of the greatest challenges of the 21st century is the rapidly growing urban populations and the consequent increasing demand of food. Providing the inhabitants of European cities with affordable, safe, and nutritious food is both urgent and complex. Moreover, the health and wellbeing of EU citizens and consumers are directly affected by the way cities and agriculture landscapes are shaping a sustainable food environment.

“From Seed to Spoon” is an educational project on the food supply chain developed for high school students whose aim is the implementation of ecosystem services and sustainable agriculture in cities and peri-urban natural areas in different European Countries.

Our project will encourage teenagers to be aware of how complex the food system is, improving mindful eating and healthy eating habits according to the EAT-Lancet Commission which gives guidelines for healthy and sustainable diets. In addition, the project will give also the opportunity to students to get in touch with nature, to learn how to respect it and how to adapt to the biological cycles. The project will also increase the awareness that nature is not just decoration. Rather, it also provides “living” infrastructures required for an adequate physical, psychological and social

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